ANOC-Why You Should Apply For A Parent And Grandparent Super Visa

Why You Should Apply For A Parent And Grandparent Super Visa?

Even if you have children that are Canadian residents and you’re not from the country, the parent or grandparent Super Visa can help you with that. It’s a great way to do Canadian migration while following the rules, and you can receive a Canada visa very quickly. This visa brings you multiple entries over 10 years, and you can stay up to 2 years per visa, which is very helpful.

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What is the role of the Super Visa?
The Super Visa is a temporary Canada visa, and the focus is to help provide a distinctive, unique way for parents of Canadian residents to come and visit their families. Studies show that there are around 35000 applications for the Parents and Grandparents program.
There’s an apparent demand for relatives to come in and be with their family, and this visa is helpful. You want to receive the proper Canada visa assistance and support for this type of situation. Immigration consultants and immigration advisors will be able to offer the help you need.

How is this program different?
The IRCC had a lottery system that decided who can apply for the PGP until this point. This program was not well received by everyone since the random aspect made it seem less appealing, which truly brought in a massive range of challenges.
But with the new Super Visa and the proper immigration services, you will find it easier to access the program. You have multiple entry visitor visas available, and you can stay up to 6 months at a time.
You have multiple entries for up to 10 years, and you can enter whenever you want. You won’t be forced to apply for the visitor visa until the validity period has passed. It’s even possible to stay 2 years at a time, which is better when compared to other countries. You can even remain while undertaking the PGP application.

Getting the grandparent Super Visa or the parent’s Super Visa is a great way to reconnect with the family in Canada. Being able to stay multiple months or up to 2 years is helpful and makes things easier. If you want to access the Super Visa or any other immigration services, ANOC is here to help. We provide the best immigration advisors and immigration consultants, don’t hesitate and get in touch with our team today!