ANOC - Importance of Recruitment

What is Recruitment, what is the purpose of recruitment and what is it’s importance.

In business, a recruiter is someone who helps people find jobs, and jobs find people. Recruitment is the process of having the right person, in the right place, at the right time. It’s a complete procedure of drawing in, shortlisting, selecting and connecting with appropriate possibility for employments inside an association.

Purpose of recruitment:

  • One of the most important objective of recruitment is to determine the existent and upcoming needs of the organization.
  • Attract and empower an ever increasing number of applicants to apply in the organization
  • Create a talent pool of candidates to enable the selection of best candidates for the organization.
  • Improving the success rate of the selection procedure by reducing the visible number under qualified or exaggerated job applicants.
  • To meet the organization’s social and legal obligation.
  • To identify job applicants and filtering the potential job applicants for the suited role.

Why is there a need for recruitment?
Every company understands the importance of recruitment and its need. Following points will highlight its importance elaborately.

  • It helps the organization by finding the necessary requirements by job analysis activities and personnel planning.
  • It helps to accumulate candidates with less cost.
  • Helps in organizing the job applications by dividing them as under-qualified or overqualified to increase the likelihood of increasing company’s growth and engaging the right person to the right place.
  • It helps in employing new and better-qualified workforce.
  • It is a long-term strategy for improving the growth of a company.
  • Capabilities and commitment of employees ensure an organization’s success.
  • Raise organizational and individual value in both short and long term.

Without a doubt, recruitment is a technical and time taking process. Therefore, most companies avoid the recruitment process especially in the initial stages of their organizational development. They outsource this time taking and important task to outsourcing firms which take care of this on their behalf and provide them with the best candidates for the given job role.
As a result, company saves a lot of time & money and focuses on their core business.