ANOC - Top skills that can get you best jobs in UAE

Top skills that can get you best jobs in UAE

Looking for a high paying job with all the additional perks? If yes, your education and experience might not be enough in today’s evolving and competitive job market to make you a perfect candidate. What they say – a mix of skills will make you the best fit!

Be it a company or an employee, everyone today is striving hard to be the best in the market. As an aspiring candidate all you need to do is master the trick by acquiring the right kind of skills – technical, soft and some new skills that could make your knowledge more relevant and put you as a more marketable candidate. 

A lot of jobseekers today are unable to find work not only because companies are hiring less, but also because most applicants lack the right set of skills that employers are looking for.

In fact, nearly  seven out of ten (65 per cent) of companies in the UAE and the rest of the region do agree that there is a skills gap in the market, meaning that, despite a high volume of talent looking for jobs today, potential employers are actually finding it difficult to locate candidates that meet their requirements.

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As per “The Middle East Skills Report,” identified what types of skills are in demand today for different positions, from junior to senior roles, and it looks like the most in demand ones have nothing to do with an MBA degree, or mastery in PowerPoint or spreadsheets.

The majority of employers, more than seven out of ten, prefer to hire applicants

  • who are good at fostering teamwork
  • have global mindset
  • are creative thinkers
  • can manage time well
  • are able to compose great emails and other written work

10 most critical skills for junior positions:
1. Creative thinking
2. Global mindset
3. Design/visual thinking
4. Time management
5. Logical/critical thinking
6. Entrepreneurship
7. People management
8. Teamwork
9. Written communication
10. Emotional intelligence

10 most critical skills for senior positions:
1. Creative thinking
2. Logical/critical thinking
3. Global mindset
4. Time management
5 .Entrepreneurship
6. Teamwork
7. Design/visual thinking
8. People management
9. Job-specific skills and emotional intelligence
10. Technology and computer skills

So whether you are a job seeker or an employer we at ANOC management consultants can cater to clients and source candidates from Construction, Healthcare, Hotels and Hospitality, Oil & Gas, FMCG, Facilities and so on. Our team of professional on-board recruiters allow our clients and candidates to experience a smooth process of headhunting and placement, globally.