ANOC - Should you add a photo on your CV?

Should You Add a Photo on Your CV?

Jobseekers often ask the famous question of whether they should add their photo to their CV or not. Well, although the topic can be debated for days and while it is not a full-fledged must, let us tell you why you should consider adding a photo to your CV and give you some tips below:

  • Global job seeking

Adding a professional photo of yourself will be a plus if you are looking for opportunities in other regions or countries. The MENA region and some European countries usually expect a photo on a CV. Again, it is not a must, but if a photo will pump up your chances of getting hired then why not make use of it?

  • Creating your personal brand

For beginners, the industry you will be working in plays a role. Often, individuals in the creative fields such as architecture or graphic design have more choices on how to show their personality and creative capabilities through a CV. However, many other fields don’t get this chance. Thus, you can think of your CV photo as one visual element that makes your profile less generic-looking.

Adding a photo on your online CV on professional platforms like will increase your profile’s perceived credibility. Employers like to see a complete profile, and a photo gives that impression. Keep in mind that by maintaining the same photo on all of your social media platforms and CVs, you are bound to establish a reliable and consistent professional image of yourself.

  • People are attentive to images

Think about the popularity and attractiveness of the social media platforms we use everyday such as Facebook and Instagram. The main eye catching attribute that they have in common are the photos and images that people upload to gain followers. This is relevant to adding a professional photo of yourself on your CV and online CV, since as human beings we are all naturally drawn to images and visual representations of things.

A professional photo can be an element that gives your CV more readability and cohesion. It will encourage the employer to give your application serious consideration.

Tips on adding the right photo:

  • Dress professionally

This is an essential tip to follow and it means wearing appropriate, professional clothing with minimal jewelry, makeup, or shabby hair. An advice to follow is to always wear a clean dress shirt, with or without a suit jacket.

  • Frame from the waist up

This picture is meant to be a head shot only. Avoid taking full body shots.  

  • Facial expressions and gestures

Keep neutral facial expressions and hand gestures. Do not pose or exaggerate in your smile. Keep it natural and face the camera just as you would face an interviewer.

  • Hair and makeup

Keep your hair neat and tidy and make sure you groom your beard. If you tend to have a big curly hair, try to tie it back. Also, makeup should always be simple and neutral.

  • Ditch the selfie

Think about it as a passport photo, not a social media post. Selfies have no room in a professional setting. Keep a simple smile and take the picture from an angle that directly faces the camera and avoid using filters or effects.

  • The background

Make sure the background is plain and avoid showing any prop. Maybe have an appropriate background such as a painting or a plant, otherwise, just keep it simple.

  • Ask for help

Ask someone in your circle who can help you take a professional photo. Review your pic and make sure it gives the best impression of you and your personality.  

Complete your e-profile and boost your chances by uploading the perfect professional photo. Keep in mind that this is one of many ways you can boost your e-profile. We are excited to see those top notch photos on your e-profile!