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Meeting the Recruiter?

Going to see a recruiter for the first time can be taxing for most of us. Basically it has to be understood that Recruiter’s job is to search for right candidate for a particular job. Therefore, it is highly important that the recruiters are convinced that you are the right person for the job as getting the interview call largely depends on the recruiter. Taking this into consideration, it is important for job seekers to know the Keys to Impress a Recruiter.

Good first impression – One way to impress a recruiter is to reach out to them directly.  “The most important thing you’re trying to do in reaching out to a company recruiter is getting them to like you and consider you further for the position. Clumsy interviews, Poor manners, unreturned phone calls etc. will all hurt your chances of moving on to the next round. So, the first time you meet a recruiter and every time after that, be sure you are on your very best behavior. Because with one misstep, you may not make it to the next one. Being polite, enthusiastic about the position and respectful of the recruiter’s time are all guaranteed ways to get on a recruiter’s good side. And when you establish a personal connection with a recruiter, it can do wonders to help you stand out among the dozens vying for the same job.

Do your research – Before meeting the recruiter first take time to research the company they represent. Head to the company’s profile, company ratings, reviews about the CEO, insights and feedback from current and former employees. Further, be sure to go through the photos, videos and mission statements. Armed with this information, you’ll be prepared for every step of the interview process. The more detailed research you do of the company, the more information you have at your disposal to bring up during the conversation.

Impress a recruiter with Intelligent and relevant questions – Ask questions that show you want to better understand the position, what the company culture is like, values of the companies, how she or he will define success in the role etc.

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