ANOC - How to Break Into the Industry When You Don’t Have the Previous Experience

How to Break Into the Industry When You Don’t Have the Previous Experience

Have you ever wished that the occupation on your business card were something else? Or daydream about what it would be like working in a different position? 
Switching careers can be an obstacle course, but despite what you think, you can switch no matter how many years you’ve already been in the workforce. With a bit of strategizing, it’s possible.

Here are a few tips to help you construct your game plan & achieve your dream job: 

1. Check Within Your Network
First things first, reach out to friends, former colleagues, and family members! A great way to stay connected with people in your network is by using social media via LinkedIn. When reaching out to your contacts, you can tell them exactly what kind of position you are looking for. They may know of job openings at their own company and refer you. 
Friend a mentor in the process. Do you have someone in your network who’s already doing the job you’d love? If so, ask them if they would be open to answering your questions about their career path. Then ask them which steps they took in order to be successful in their current role.

2. Brush Up On Your Skills
There’s a good chance that you will need to update your skills and knowledge. Start by researching programs, software, and skills needed for your new profession. If you are planning well ahead, you can start training on your own. Services used every day to help people accelerate their career are LinkedIn Learning & Udemy. Both platforms are online websites offering a variety of video courses in creative, software and business skills. 

3. Attend Industry Events Often
The more you attend events, the more you are expanding your network. In-person meetings are a powerful way to build new contacts. We live in a digital world and by allowing yourself to meet these connections face-to-face is important. Bottom line, you never know who you are going to meet.  And, it may even lead you to meet your future employer. Check out marketing, creative, and digital events on our calendar.

4.Earn Another Degree or Certification
Lastly, you can go back to school to earn a certificate or degree to enter a new profession. In many cases, you can complete course work online or part-time on campus. This will allow you to keep your current position while you are planning on switching career paths. By earning a degree or certification, you may even be able to find a new opportunity before you decide to quit your current job. 

Switching career paths can be a bumpy ride and make you feel overwhelmed with self-doubt. To ease the transition, start planning ahead. Seek external support to ensure every day you are making progress and moving in the right direction when landing your next job opportunity.