ANOC - Experience vs Education

Experience or education: which is more important for working in the UAE?

Are you trying to find a job in the United Arab Emirates? Well, a career in the UAE can be highly lucrative and comfortable. There are a lot of work opportunities in the UAE, but they come with a great competition. Most of the Asian and Indian people aspire to work in the UAE due to high salaries and a great lifestyle. But how are you going to deal with the heavy competition for jobs in Dubai?

Do you have an impeccable academic record? Or do you possess a highly proficient work experience? Or do you lack both and are confused which is more important for you to get jobs in UAE? Well, it’s a very tricky situation to go through. But if you educate yourself properly about the different priorities give for the education and experience, you may simply able to crack it.

Regardless of what country you want to work in, the experience is going to be one of the most important factors that’s going to impact your career. Almost every company considers the experience of a candidate while hiring. So, if you have a good work experience, it’s going to be a big plus for you in getting a job in Dubai. But if you don’t it’s not really a serious concern that you need to bother about. You can also have a high chance of getting a top level position in the company you’re trying to work for. Another perk that comes with having a work experience is, you get paid a lot higher than a fresher who’s just starting out. If you can wait for a year or couple, try to gain some work experience before you apply for jobs in Dubai.

Although you can a job in UAE without having any educational qualification, people with education usually have a better chance to get hired. Additionally, those with a decent education qualification generally get paid higher. But, education is not a mandatory thing to have if you want to work in Dubai. One disadvantage of not having a proper education is, that you may not be able to apply for higher level jobs that are only reserved for people having an immaculate academic record. One way to find work in UAE, even if you don’t have a proper education is to consult recruitment agencies in Dubai and seeking out their help.
If you’re looking to work in UAE, try polishing what you’ve got already. Neither education nor experience is greater than the other. Try to find a job that suits what you have, whether it is education or experience. If you have both, that’s great!