ANOC - Credentials aren’t enough to differentiate from others

Credentials aren’t enough to differentiate from others

Couple of years ago, I had been for an interview in which I was quite confident to get the job since I was perfectly qualified as compared to the other 2 shortlisted candidates; 5 years of recruiting experience, Majors in HR from the York University and quite some rewards for excellence in resourcing candidates. However, I wasn’t selected and realized a couple of mistakes which I did. Note down the tips below which will definitely be important to consider:

1. Be prepared. Do not rely on a superficial level of knowledge about a company when you go into a job interview. Dig deeper and be curious. Learn the company’s history, its strategy, its customers and the direction it’s headed. 
2. Spend the time necessary getting a good grasp of what makes the company unique in its space. 
3. Understand what your skills will bring to the company and whether or not you’ll be a good fit based on the company’s culture.
4. Most important – be passionate. Credentials aren’t enough to differentiate you from your competitors. If you are passionate about the role, the work and the company, that will be visible to everyone you speak with and will give you an advantage.

In today’s competitive market, applicants need more than just good grades to score an interview. 
Share your thoughts if you have been through something similar.