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Top 5 Inexpensive Colleges in Canada that won’t break the bank

For a lot of students, Canada is a prime location where they can find great colleges that will prepare them for their upcoming careers. Getting a student permit and student visa is a great idea, and then you can find some great cheap colleges in the country as well. The annual tuition fees are anywhere from $5k to $20k, and that’s in Canadian dollars, which are cheaper than the USD anyways. Here are the inexpensive colleges in Canada you should try out.
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Brandon University (BU)
If you get a Canada visa, then the Brandon University (BU) is a great option. You might need migration advisors and migration consultants, but this is definitely a stellar option.
The tuition fees are low, and you have multiple disciplines like environmental science, nursing, education, business administration, and many others. That, plus their 13-week English as a Second language program makes it great for international students.

University of Regina (UofR)
It might be a younger university, but still a great one. They are some of the top DLI-approved colleges in Canada. The tuition fees are a bit higher when compared to other options, but they also have a great program to help enroll international students too.
Additionally, you can access various scholarships too, not to mention they can prepare you for a variety of professions. You will have to use migration services to get here, but it’s worth it.

University of Saskatchewan (USask)
In case you want a specific career path that leads to Canadian citizenship and a great career as a whole, the University of Saskatchewan (USask) is worth it. This is known to be one of the top genetics labs and molecular biology labs out there.
On top of that, it also has very affordable tuition fees, which makes it stand out. It’s also at the forefront of sustainable development. Plus, they help you get settled and even find mentorships.

University of Guelph (UofG)
Even if Guelph is a smaller city, this is a great university to choose from. They have a large array of departments, and many consider it to be the main food-related university in Canada.
You will need Canadian visa assistance, but the truth is that they are very reliable and efficient. They do have affordable fees and you can improve your English abilities too.

Memorial University of Newfoundland (MUN)
If you want a great university in Canada that’s affordable, then this is a great one. It has a very good support system for international users, which we like.
Additionally, you have access to a vast range of disciplines and complete assistance and support. It might take a bit to acquire a student visa or permit, but this is definitely a top option to keep in mind.

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