ANOC - Tips For A Telephonic Interview

Tips For A Telephonic Interview

Do you think facing the prospective employer is the most daunting task ever? Then, you have not appeared for a telephonic interview. So, what do you need to take care of if you do have to appear for one?

1. Appearance Does Count
Did you think that appearances matter only if you are in a face-to-face interview? Wrong! How confident or professional are you likely to feel talking to the HR Manager of a company dressed in your boxers? Umm? not a pleasant sight in the mind, right? If not in a formal suit, at least dress decently enough to feel sure of yourself when appearing for a telephonic interview.

2. Enter a Silent Room
During a telephonic round, it is solely your voice that can make or break the deal. So, make sure there are no disturbing sounds to obstruct the conversation. Preferably, sit in a silent room. Also, turn off any alarms, music, phones or other devices that may suddenly create a noise during the interview.
3. Charge Your Phone
If you are appearing for the interview through your mobile phone, make sure it has sufficient battery charge to last the entire duration of the interview. In case the interview is likely to last a long time, charge the phone right up till the time of the conversation, if possible. You do not want to make the interviewer get the wrong idea if the call were to get disconnected midway, would you?
4. Speak Slowly and Clearly
Coherent and clearly audible speech can be the winning point you could score in such a situation. Miscommunication might not only cost you some embarrassment, it may also make you lose a worthwhile career opportunity. So, speak slowly and in a lucid manner, and delineate your skills carefully, so that your interviewer may understand every word you utter.
5. Sit before your Laptop/Desktop
Whilst it is important to do your homework before a telephonic or face-to-face interview, you have the advantage of immediate Internet access, should you find yourself in a fix, while being interviewed over the telephone. You can quickly check certain facts about the company, or do a quick check on questions being asked that you need a quick answer to. Remember, however, that you would need to be witty and quick, and do your search without any clicking noises to disturb the conversation.
With the above tricks up your sleeve, you can easily impress your interviewer even over the telephone. Get smart and get your dream job. Good luck!