ANOC-The Most In-Demand Blue-Collar Jobs Right Now in Canada

The Most In-Demand Blue-Collar Jobs Right Now in Canada

Canada is a great place for you to find a new job, especially if you want to work in skilled trades. There are all kinds of blue-collar jobs that are in very high demand this year. Because of that. We recommend to take your time and check the skilled labor jobs in Canada list. This will give you a good idea of what skilled labor jobs you can access and the results can be very impressive.

Many recruitment agencies are helping out businesses in Canada who are looking for welders because there’s quite a shortage of such blue-collar jobs. A welder can earn up to $70000 in Canada.
Work conditions can vary based on the company, but this is one of the skilled trades in very high demand at this time. You can use an overseas recruitment agency to find welding jobs. It’s a good idea to get started right away if you want to make the best out of this blue-collar recruitment opportunity.

Plumbers are in very high demand in many provinces. Salaries for these blue-collar jobs can vary from $65000 to $97500. It does depend on the experience you have and where you work.
Larger cities tend to have a better paycheck for plumbers, but then again you will also have more expenses. Still, this is one of the better-skilled labor jobs in high demand, right now in Canada.

If you want to find one of the best blue-collar jobs in Canada, you can try to find a mechanic job. Heavy-duty mechanics are usually paid very well, up to $94000 in some regions.
It’s even possible to immigrate to Canada for such a job. Then you can use recruitment agencies in Canada to find the right option that suits your needs.

Many companies in Canada hire an electrician, so this has become one of the best-skilled labor jobs, especially if you have some experience in this field.
You might be required to have certain certifications. With that in mind, the average electrician salary in Canada is around $56000. So it does pay pretty well, and you can earn even more in larger cities.

Canada is facing quite a shortage of drivers, especially when it comes to truck drivers. There are upwards of 20k truck driver positions that are vacant, and the numbers seem to go up every day.
The average driver’s salary in Canada is $55000 to $70000, depending on the location and company. That being said, due to the driver shortage, these blue-collar jobs have become more attractive. Businesses are trying to compete for talent, so they are offering plenty of benefits and improved working conditions.

Finding the best blue-collar jobs can be quite challenging at times, and that’s why you want to work with the best recruitment agencies in Canada. ANOC is here to help with any skilled trades requirement needed by local businesses. It’s a great way to access a large pool of talent through ANOC while making sure that you work with vetted experts that have a lot of experience in this field. So if you want to work with a great overseas recruitment agency, for all your business’s skilled trade requirements, contact ANOC and find the best hires today!