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The Ministry has called for private companies to register and join the membership of Emiratization Partners Club

In a move to enhance the rate of Emiratization in private sector, the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization has offered privileges and benefits to private establishments, including reduced charges on obtaining labour permits and
waiver of bank deposits.

The Ministry has called for private companies to register and join the membership of Emiratization Partners Club after meeting the stipulated terms and conditions.
This will subsequently be beneficial to the private companies which can enjoy the benefits of reduced fees on labour permits, exemption from the banking deposits, and other privileges.

The membership is granted to the private sector companies which work in the prioritized economic sectors in the labour market according to the government orientations, and have human resources department.

The process of registration will take into consideration three key criteria, including the proportionate number of Emiratis on the payroll of the company to the total number of categories of employees as part of the skillful standards of the employees which are enforced and applicable at the ministry. 

Fareeda Abduallh Al Ali, from the Ministry for Employment of National Human Resources said: “The ministry handles the dossier of Emiratization in private sector as the most important strategic one, in pursuance of the directives and aspirations of the sagacious leadership and in implementation of the UAE 2021 vision”. She lauded the cooperation of the 141 private establishments which are members in the club for backing the strategy of the Ministry, its plans and programs for boosting the Emiratization in private sector, which the ministry gives much attention.

The statements came during a number of workshops organized recently by the Ministry in both, Abu Dhabi and Dubai to familiarize the attendees with the privileges of the members of the Emiratization Partners Club and the mechanism of counting the membership points. The workshops were attended by a large number of the representatives of the private establishments.

The member companies will benefit from the unique points system for employing Emiratis. Under the mechanism, 50 per cent of the points have been allocated for the employment processes in a way that the private company will get 5 points in exchange for hiring an employee at higher level management; 3 points for hiring an employee at medium level management and 1 point for an employee on other posts.

The points are also calculated depending on the type of employment contracts for the Emiratis considering whether the work is on full time employment contract and the employer works from the mentioned work place; while if the employment contract is on part time basis additional points will be calculated after considering the geographical place where the employee is hired; besides these, additional points will also be calculated in case of hiring people of determination.

Over and above this, 20 per cent points have been designated for training operations in accordance with the monetary allocation specified in the company’s budget and the actual amount spent on developing and training the Emirati employees during the fiscal year.

Moreover, the private establishment will get 10 per cent of points for the early employment through sanctioning different patterns of hiring like distant job, joint work, seasonal work and signing a contract with the job seeker through self-employment.

The establishment will also get 10 per cent points which have been allotted for the higher management as well as 10 per cent for the work environment, in a way that the establishments provide flexible working hours and carrying out activities and programs for the staff as well as approving a system that ensures offering of bonuses and honoring the excellent employee.