ANOC - Water and shade for labors

Midday break with water and shade a must for labors!

Given the scorching heat and rising temperatures especially during the day, the UAE labour ministry has urged employers to give proper shade and water for labours at the time of their midday break! 

How would you feel if there were no air conditioners during the day? Would you be motivated to work thereafter? Considering the high temperatures, the UAE government has warned employers to provide water, vitamin supplements and shelter to all outdoor workers to cope with the heat until the midday break. 

The midday break lasts until September 15 during which outdoor workers must be allowed to rest from noon to 3pm everyday due to high temperatures and working in such adverse conditions is taxing on labors health.

Maher Al Obed, the assistant undersecretary for inspections has warned companies that workers need the break in order to meet the health and safety requirements. 

​During several site visits, more than 140 companies were found to be breaching the rule because of which the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation has cautioned companies to supply labors with cold water, lemon and air-conditioned shades at all times, as well as minerals which are approved for use by health authorities in the country. Apart from this, they must provide first aid kits on site along with protective umbrellas.

As per the law, companies are fined Dh5,000 per worker if they are detected working during the summer break hours. The ministry released the number of inspections per emirate with 13,375 patrols in the capital, 11,022 in Dubai, 5,073 in Sharjah, 8,047 in Ajman, 5,687 in Ras Al Khaimah, 2,728 in Umm Al Quwain and 7,780 in Fujairah.
The emergency work that is not included in the break includes work involving water supply, sewerage, electricity and related to traffic flow on public roads, work on gas pipelines or connected to the flow of petroleum.

All we can say is, as an Employer, let’s be more considerate with our on-site labors. If we can’t cope with the heat, so can’t they.