ANOC - Importance of Effective Recruitment and Selection

Importance of Effective Recruitment & Selection

As a business owner, you want a team that you can count on to get the job done while you focus on other things. Management of any large corporation will tell you that finding good, loyal talent is hard. Take the time to develop a recruiting process that is constantly looking for people with the skills you need and the motivation to work for you. A good process not only finds great employees but saves you time and money on replacing and training new people. Our experts at ANOC have built a custom solution to assist employers.

Finding Quality Candidates
Having good quality employees is the number one goal for any employer. Establishing a job description and advertising in places where you know you will be able to attract people with the right set of skills is the first step. It’s important to identify which tasks you need the recruit to complete and whether or not you are capable of training them.

Save Training Time and Money with Proper Selection
Go through a systematic set of questions and even skills tests to determine if candidates are able to fulfill the job needs. If you don’t need to constantly replace people, you will save time and money on the recruiting and training of new candidates. Understand that downtime could negatively affect your business revenues if you become short-staffed; keeping turnover low is important. There are costs and time spent putting out job ads, interviews and training new people. Taking the time to choose properly the first time helps mitigate this.

Reduce Potential Legal Ramifications
When you have a systematic process in place that you follow for every candidate, you reduce the chances of finding yourself in employment-related legal issues. Keeping interview questions professional and not asking personal questions is important to prevent any misconceptions. Giving the same skills tests to all candidates means that no one was given preferential treatment. Let our specialists assist you in taking care of all your recruiting needs, either Blue Collared or White Collared. Our team remains ready to assist you.