ANOC - Illegal expats can now exit UAE without paying any fine!

Illegal expats can now exit UAE without paying any fine!

​Time to rejoice for all illegal expats living in UAE! You can now exit the country without having to pay any fine. Read for more details

Have you been living in the UAE even after your visa has expired, with no work permit of regardless of having a legal case running on you? If yes, you will still be able to go back to your home countries without paying your overstay fines and without being directed to Police or any other Security Department (Prisons).

All you will be required to provide the officials is a list of the below documents:

  • Requirements for Indian Citizens:
    • Copy of Indian Passport or
    • Indian ID card (Election Identity Card, Aadhar Card etc.)
    • Fees of 20 AED.
      The out pass or Emergency Certificate process will take 15 working days.
  • Requirements for Pakistani Citizens:
    Unlike Indian citizens, the process is different for Pakistani citizens. There are two options:
    • Illegal Pakistanis with valid Passport
    • Illegal Pakistanis without Passport
  • Requirements for Pakistanis with valid Passport:
    • If the applicant has valid Green passport, but do not have visa or living without visa, he should go to Al Aweer Central Immigration Office with confirmed Air ticket and pay 220 AED fees at immigration desk. The citizen will later undergo face eye scan, finger print process and will get Exit permit at same time.
  • Requirements for Pakistanis without Passport:
    • In case if applicant cannot provide his National Passport, he will have to go to Pakistani Embassy to get Out Pass after confirming his/her nationality. Once he gets out pass from home country embassy, he will later make 2 Copies of same Out Pass and present to Anti Infiltration Department for finger print, eye scan and collect exit permit from them at the same time.
      Note: You will have to buy ticket from Anti Infiltration Department to travel.
  • Requirements for Afghanistan Citizens:
    • Afghan citizens can get their Out Passes at their Consulate
    • Pay a fees of 22 AED
      Note: Afghan Out Pass will be valid for 2 Months.
  • Requirements for Bangladesh citizens:
    • Applicants from Bangladesh can get their Out Passes from their Consulate
    • They have to pay a fees of 60 AED
    • It will take 07 working days
  • Requirements for Sharjah Immigration:
    • Sharjah Immigration system is different from Dubai, If the applicant has valid passport, you will have to go to court inside the Immigration building and pay the fine for overstay.
    • A fees of 100 AED will be charged by Immigration Department for exit permit, which will be valid for 06 working days from the date of issue.
      Note: Amount should be paid through Credit Card.

This process is for all UAE Expats including Pakistan, India, Philippines, Bangladesh and Afghan Citizens. For more information, please call Ministry of LabourImmigration Departments or your Consulates.