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How to get a Job in Dubai

In Dubai, the jobs market is rapidly growing due to its upcoming events like the Expo 2020. As per previous survey results, the United Arab Emirates has one of the lowest unemployment rates around the world. This allows a huge competition among job seekers in Dubai. Hence, in such a market even a minor mistake can cost you losing an opportunity. Facing a situation where everything finished perfectly but still you aren’t getting any calls?

You may come across questions like –

Why I am not getting the job call?
What’s the progress with my offer letter?
What went wrong in the interview?

These kind of questions do come in a candidate’s mind. Let us highlight the most common mistakes of a candidate while looking for a job in Dubai.

1) Randomly applying on Job sites
We have a common notion among us that the more job openings we apply to, the more responses we will be getting from the recruiters. This myth is totally wrong! Quantity preference can never give good results in return. You must prefer quality over quantity. Instead of looking for and applying to random jobs online, it is better to spend time and energy that match your education, skills and experience. This is a more effective approach, comparatively.

2) Submitting the same CV
A standard default CV can never meet every recruiter’s requirement. We usually see every job has a specific skill set, experience and qualification requirement. It is not possible with a single unmodified CV to fit all jobs. When you see what the recruiter is looking for in a candidate, you should understand and recognize how you can customize your CV accordingly. For more assistance, you can always connect with us and one of our expert writers can assist you further.

3) Communication
A strong career network building is very crucial and important part. If you are not connecting with anyone about your job search then most probably you are one step behind your goals. Both online and offline connections are very important for any job hunt. When you have decided the category of your job, you must join online groups to connect with people of same interest. Once you have built a wider professional network, job hunting becomes very easy.

5) Follow Ups
The candidate should always follow up with the hiring manager after the interview. However, you must also note that the hiring managers are mostly busy in sorting all the applications and data. Following-up helps in reminding them about you. Communication plays an important role to get a job.

To summarize,

  • Always spend your efforts in the right direction
  • Avoid applying to jobs randomly
  • Never give up, continue moving
  • Understand where you need to improve
  • Analyse your weak and strong points
  • Always use customized Curriculum Vitae
  • Follow-Ups after an Interview

If you require a 1 on 1 consultation with the recruiter to discuss your issues, feel free to book an appointment here.