ANOC - Heavy fines for working under visit visa

Heavy Fines for working under a Visit Visa!

ATTENTION Visit/Tourist Visa holders! If you have one and are working as an employee instead of exploring UAE, there could be huge penalties and harsh implications that you might have to face if caught. Read details here!
There is no denying the fact that UAE today is one of the most sought-after working destinations for millennials from across the globe. Many young aspirants land in UAE as a tourist but are actually on a job hunt while on their Visit/Tourist Visa. So if you are also one of those looking for job while under Visit Visa, it’s time to get your work permit from your employer. 

So once you have secured a job, first and foremost convert your visa status to an employment visa prior to start working because if you are caught working on a tourist visa you will have to pay a fine of 50,000 AED and will also be banned from entering the UAE forever. And the repercussions are not just limited to the employee but the employer allowing the individual to work will also have to face penalties.

“Any company that is caught employing illegal workers will face a AED 50,000 fine per worker on the first offence, and a AED 100,000 fine per worker on the second offence. And if the owner of the company is an expatriate, he will be deported and banned from entering the country for life while if the owner is a national, he will be jailed for a minimum of six months.”

Lastly, if as an employee if you choose to work without securing your work permit, you may also run the risk of getting blacklisted (you cannot return to the UAE on a work visa).