ANOC - Expatriates in the UAE Searching Job

Expatriates in the UAE can now find new jobs on the ‘virtual labour market’

Despite the recent pandemic, Finding jobs and recruiting new employees has proven to be steady in the UAE.

​As per recently launched reports from the UAE ministry, a Virtual Labour Market has been introduced urging both employers and job seekers to register on the portal.​

Moreover the Ministry has also made it simpler for employers to recruit job seekers. The Ministry has made it more easier for companies to get internal work permits through the online platform.

People seeking jobs in the country can register with the virtual labour market and apply for available jobs enlisted by companies, based on their experience and qualifications. It is now possible register CVs and see what companies are willing announce vacancies on

The MOHRE is a virtual labour market that has been established solely to comply with the needs of expatriates within the UAE who is currently seeking jobs, amidst the pandemic. The concept is designed virtually which makes it easier to apply for work and come across vacancies around the emirates. One if the more interesting features of the innovation is that it is derived from an artificially intelligent (AI) system, that helps making the process of correctly matching requirements, much quicker and efficient. it is interactive and extremely advanced that allows one to have a more enriching experience.

Moreover, recruiters can search for qualified candidates by creating their own page to display their vacancies and also by searching the website for job seekers.

This way, it helps both, the recruiters and the job seekers to find what they are looking for.