ANOC - 44 things to buy in Dubai for Dh1

44 things you can still buy in Dubai for Dh1

The UAE dirham is celebrating its 44th birthday this Friday. What will a dirham buy you, many people wonder. Well, a lot.

We list out 44 things you can buy for a dirham, which dates back to 1973.
​​500ml bottle of water: In a warm, desert climate such as the one we have, it’s almost a no-brainer to keep hydrated to avoid falling sick. Luckily, local groceries offer various brands of bottled water for one dirham each.
Coffee and Tea: Somewhere in Satwa, near West Zone Supermarket is a hole-in-the-wall café that serves hot drinks for early morning commuters. After all, where best to get perked up than right in front of the bus stop.
Amusement: Skill cranes can sometimes be found in odd areas in Dubai. Like the ones in carnivals, they are machines filled with some toys and sometimes candies. You can try your luck getting one for only a dirham per attempt.
McDonald’s Ice Cream Cone: The beautiful thing about McDonald’s ice cream is that it’s a sizable portion for an extremely affordable price. You might even consider getting your friend one!
Clothes: Every first weekend of the month, the Dubai Flea Market takes place usually in Zabeel Park. It’s a community driven event where residents sell their wares for marked down prices. Branded and sometimes, designer clothes are being sold for only 1 dirham, and in some cases, the sellers mark it further down, e.g. fill an entire bag with clothes for just 1 dirham.
Books: Also in the Flea Market, books of any genre go for a only dirham and save up on going to the bookstores.
Mint candy: Now you can speak to people without ever worrying about smelling bad!
Bread: Panadero Bakery in Satwa offers THREE pieces of traditional Filipino bread rolls for only a dirham.
Boat ride: See the waterway where Dubai once thrived for only a dirham. BONUS: Walk around the Spice and Gold Souks and see what you discover.
Paratha: This Indian flatbread can be found all over the many cafeterias that dot the city and is guaranteed to fill that hole in your stomach. 
Peanut bar:
 Indulge your sweet tooth with this tiny yet sweet treat.
Oman Chips: A hallmark of ‘Dubai nostalgia’, a single sentence cannot give justice to how great these chips are.
Laban: Because you can’t have Oman Chips without a carton of laban. You also get a complete meal for the price of Dh2!
Samosa: Is it going to be vegetable or chicken? Whatever you choose, know that you’re getting it for the low, low price of Dh1.
Emirates Pofaki: This cheesy goodness is available in many a storefront around Dubai. If spicy Oman Chips aren’t your thing, this salty treat should hit the spot.
Caramel Custard: Now that you have had the ‘main course’, time to top it all off with another Dh1 indulgence.
Stationery: Why ask someone for a pen when you can get a new one for Dh1?
Pretzels: A huge bag of Ulker Pretzels costs only Dh1. They’re quite good so you might find yourself frantically munching away. 
Gum: Ever seen those ubiquitous candy machines everywhere? Pop a dirham in it and watch as the gum rolls down to your palm. 
Mayonnaise: Want mayo on your food? Most fast food outlets offer it for a dirham a sachet.
Broth cubes: Want instant soup or stock? Only Dh1 separates you from it. 
A tissue packet: For all your wiping needs and obsessive-compulsive concern for cleanliness.
Your vital statistics at a pharmacy machine: Find out if you need to shed kilos by shedding a dirham off your pocket.
A lollipop: Sweeter than candy on a stick, huckleberry, cherry or lime. The song forgot to mention that it only costs Dh1.
Face wipes: They’re wet, they smell good, they remove and sign off stress on your face and they cost just Dh1 a pack.
A printout: Depending on which printing shop you go to. You can get one (or two) A4 pages printed out. And two pages is the average length of a CV! 
Yogurt: Go from looking cheap to looking health-conscious all in one go! 
Choki Choki: You can eat it off the sachet or put it on crackers for the canape vibe. It won’t even cost much! 
Kwek kwek: Forget the fact that it is orange. This Filipino treat is a hard-boiled egg wrapped around a tempura-like batter and then deep fried.
Tomatoes: In case you want to make soup – or want to criticize a lackluster b-movie.
A banana leaf: It’s large enough to be. well, anything you want it to be. 
 You can only get a handful, but still, the beauty of only shelling out Dh1!
Glucose Biscuits: Need sugar? You can get a whole bunch of it with these biscuits.
White chocolate: You either love it or hate it, but that doesn’t negate the fact that it’s only Dh1.
Squash Seeds: Spend the next couple of minutes biting through the shell to get your dirham’s worth.
A satsuma: Or in other words, a smaller version of the orange packed with the same amount of vitamins.
Local herbs: They smell good, they make food good, and they only cost a dirham – which is very good.
Garlic: Need garlic for a recipe? You’ll be interested to know it costs only Dh1
A croissant: The price does depend on whether you want a chocolate croissant, a zaatar one, or just a plain croissant.
A banana: You can also sing the popular ‘Banana Song’ from the film Minions while you’re at it. 
Carton paper: For all your artistic needs. 
 If that isn’t satisfying enough, you can grab choco dates for the same price. 
Fruit jelly:
 Straight out of your childhood, these fruity and colourful jellies are back for only Dh1.
A roti: Once the sun goes down, the parathas make way for the rotis. They’re larger than parathas but have the same good taste about them.